Grant schooling(non-registered)
409/ 359 cheers Chris! See you next season love ya work!
brad walker(non-registered)
got any of 633, black white and green shirt on a giant glory
James Everett(non-registered)
hi, got any pics of #623 weaing black and white TLD jersey with coloured stripes on a brown norco Atomik
James chambers(non-registered)
Any of 601, giant bike, blue and white kit all weekend cheers
matt bird(non-registered)
hey mate,

got any photos of number 624

black jeans, green bike :)
Josh Steer(non-registered)
Hey Chris,

Any chance you got any pics of plate 128, Blue Ion jersey and orange/yellow/black helmet?

troy gabell(non-registered)
Hey chris.wondering if u have any pics of 415 black red white kit.thanks heaps
Dan Miller(non-registered)
Hey there, my last post didnt come through properly. #22 white a blue jersey, grey Giant Glory.

thanks mate :)
Nathan booth(non-registered)
Hi, plate was 1017
Green kona operator wearing a black helmet, and either a black/red or all black fox gurnsey
Thanks a heap!
Geoff Battle(non-registered)
Hey mate :) My plate number is 104, white black and bit of gold on fox gear riding a norco atomic that is silver and green.

Thanks heaps :)
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